Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stop Third Party Bulk Storage First

So the opposition leader wants to lower the weirs to increase flow. It has some merit of course and will have an effect on flow.

Before we consider doing this why would we not look at stopping what you might call third party dams and storage facilities being used.

The amount of water that is being pumped to private dams and storage facilities is outrageous. If that is necessary one wonders at the viability of the crops that are being grown in those region.

If irrigators use the water as it is passing by then the flow with controls over allocations will also increase. The weirs of course were installed to ensure any water at all along the length of most of the rivers. Before the locks all of the rivers were more often than not dry in certain areas for significant periods of each year.

I find it difficult to comprehend storing water in dams for farming with, it is said, up to three years supply for some properties. The evaporation and seepage must be awesomely wasteful.I also find it difficult when it is reported that considerable of these facilities have been illegally constructed.

The infrastructure that the taxpayer has contributed to should be left alone in the first instance and the illegal on property facilities in inappropriate areas should be be removed immediately.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Federal Government Control is essential

Senator Penny Wong again comes out and says that a single controlling body must occur. The Federal Government has the power constitutionally to take that control in the National interest. There is sufficient precedent available in the takeover and control of the Franklin River in Tasmania many years ago.

Queensland comes out and defends the amount of irrigation water that has drawn this year because of the seasonal rains that have given the upper reaches significant inflows. I actually have no problem with the drawing of the water. The problem is that it has been drawn and is now being stored in artificial dams and we are told that some organisations have taken up to three years supply into their storage.

Reported (a University of NSW report)some months ago in this blog there are over 2400kms of illegal dams and levees in the NSW portion of the basin, this unnatural capture is wrong.

That is outrageous, the evaporation alone from those storage facilities is very likely to be more than the requirements to supply downstream needs.

If it flows by take what you need, storing it and allowing environmental disaster further down is the abhorrent part.

Dear Senator Wong please exercise your powers and allow the river to run and allow irrigators to use what is there while it is there. Storage of the magnitude that exists is foolish and selfish.

Monday, August 4, 2008

And still nothing

And so the South Australian Minister remains quiet on what is going to happen. She would not front the crowd on Friday, while disappointing is understandable. South Australia and the River system generally, is suffering the consequences of upstream abuse.

The actual amount of water we want is infinitesimal by comparison to upstream demands.

Why the Federal Government will not simply take control of the River System as they proved they had the power in the Franklin issue in Tasmania, is still beyond me.

When case studies on things such as the Clarence River Flood mitigation scheme were carried out and simply dismissed as expensive also seem like a cop out by Government in actually taking a positive and aggressive stand.

Taking control of all allocations by a central body immediately surely is the only answer.

Karelene Maywald and Premier Rann have little say or control other than to Lobby Penny Wong and Prime Minister KRudd.

I am sure the compulsory take over will offend the concept of Water Allocations being a trading commodity - surely that is better than total environmental and economical destruction.