Friday, February 13, 2009

Well Nick pulled it off - but it still only scratches the surface

You have to know I think this stand was quite good. The Federal Government has been conveniently avoiding this issue and Senator Sherry's little bleat we are handling it elsewhere does not cut the mustard. Well done Senator Xenophon at least we have some action.

It actually intrigues me that it was Senator Sherry who open fired on Nick Xenophon - surely it should have been Senator Penny Wong. Dear Ms Wong where is the longer term fix for this what strategy is taking so long and why can't we start capturing some of this damaging floodwater and firing it into the Murray Darling Basin and when are you going to take serious steps to rebalance the stupid overallocations in some of the upstream regions.

In the meantime in the face of the nation Senator Nick Xenophon has actually achieved something that has not happened ever - action on the River system

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mr Xenephon I am very proud of you.

I have previously been most critical of Mr Xenephon in this blog. Click the heading on this blog to find out why I am actually pleased. It is great to see him stand firm on this matter. If the Murray Darling is not essential Infrastructure what is it. The basin produces a very large portion of Australian Food Exports and the Government lethargy on this matter is most frustrating.
For Senator Nick Sherry to say the Government is handling this issue elsewhere is pathetic, when are we going to hear about it - this matter has raged on for months,years and decades and now whilst in spending mode why not on the Murray Darling Issue. When are you going to do this or are you simply going to allow the whole basin disintegrate into an Economic and Environmental disaster.
Good on you Nick - it is time to make the Government accountable for the lack of infrastructure spending that could fix this problem once and for all.