Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vics want our help to take River Murray water

Amazing headline really.Click on the title of this blog article and read the amazing story.

I find it amazing because I understand what they are saying and still not sure of my opinion of the North South Pipeline. So if you have not voted in the poll alongside please do now.

What I find amazing is when there is a complete thumbing of the nose as to implementing best practice in irrigation techniques why? Why would we want to?

The photos at this album are worth a look. The photo I have put in this article was one of many taken on a forty degree heat day in 30 to 40 knot wind. Stop this blatant waste and I might even become a little bit sympathetic.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Irrigation channels set to water wetlands

The article connected to this heading is about the open Channels in New South Wales, and makes the point very clearly how viewing from the air highlights the vast network of Channels across NSW. The attached photo is of channels in the Murray-Goulbourn of Victoria which boasts an equally vast network of channels.

The conservationists are asking that these channels be used to supply wetlands.

I ask one thing contemplate the wastage from evaporation and seepage of this vast network of open Channels. Then add up the seepage and evaporation from the vast dams that have been established on Cubbie Station and the like.

When are we going to see this absolute disgusting waste of this precious reserve by at a minimum putting these Channels into Pipes - imagine the savings that this would give back to the River system. You know in South Australia these channels disappeared about thirty years ago why have the upstream states not taken stronger action to fix this problem years ago.

Please do not forget to vote on the amendment to the Murray Darling Bill alongside of this post.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oppn, Greens move to stop North-South pipeline

So the Senate has amended the Bill to take over the Murray-Darling Basin by adding a veto of the Victorian North South Pipeline.

I am not sure what I think on this and am very concerned that it will simply delay a process that is already long overdue. Until the Federal Government can get control an evenhanded approach to the whole disaster seems miles away.

I am very interested in the views of the community on this issue.Please join my Poll and Vote.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Australia: Nothing new in Wong's Murray Darling report

How can this continue. The Headwaters of the system are not being allowed to flow. All water is being captured and the Rivers blocked by open storage that simply is being greedy and selfish. The whole economy and eco-system is at threat and all we do is rewrite yet another report.

Allow the Rivers to run and take control of massive over allocation and off River Storage of the huge stations in Queensland.

Read the link attached to this heading.

Please, please act now