Thursday, November 27, 2008

Irrigation channels set to water wetlands

The article connected to this heading is about the open Channels in New South Wales, and makes the point very clearly how viewing from the air highlights the vast network of Channels across NSW. The attached photo is of channels in the Murray-Goulbourn of Victoria which boasts an equally vast network of channels.

The conservationists are asking that these channels be used to supply wetlands.

I ask one thing contemplate the wastage from evaporation and seepage of this vast network of open Channels. Then add up the seepage and evaporation from the vast dams that have been established on Cubbie Station and the like.

When are we going to see this absolute disgusting waste of this precious reserve by at a minimum putting these Channels into Pipes - imagine the savings that this would give back to the River system. You know in South Australia these channels disappeared about thirty years ago why have the upstream states not taken stronger action to fix this problem years ago.

Please do not forget to vote on the amendment to the Murray Darling Bill alongside of this post.

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