Sunday, October 4, 2009

Iraq rattled by Snake Plague

This recent article I found while researching for another of my Passions "Living with Wildlife" goes to show that the issue of water is going to become a global problem.

Because the Turks have taken control of the flow of the Tigris and Euphrates by over zealous damming and allocation to their own needs, Iraq is experiencing water shortages as a result. So much so that Snakes as inhabitants of the marsh lands of the lower reaches are now desperately seeking alternative refuge. This I am sure can only lead to stressed relations between the two countries in the future. I wish them luck when we are now relying on two not over friendly Governments negotiating to resolve this issue. We cannot even control a fair flow for all under our Federal Government System and have to still sit by while State Governments act totally selfishly and foolishly on our Murray Darling issue.

Indeed it is said that the Garden of Eden was actually located at the joining of the Tigris and the Euphrates. It has only gone down hill from there as each power that has controlled the region has done nothing but destroy the agriculture and livelihood of the region, including the salting of the region by the Genghis Khan.

Just as a post script my experience with snakes is that they rarely attack. Generally they are shy and may be forced to defend from time to time. The snakes of Iraq include Vipers a species not found in Australia and two or three varieties of Cobra, an Elapid which is closely related to the most common species of Snakes found in Australia, including our Brown, Tiger and red- bellied black snakes.

The snake pictured is an Arabian Cobra and for any information on this please visit this site - Snakes of Iraq