Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Authority takes control of the Murray Darling Basin

So today is it the Murray Darling Basin is now in control of the new Federally managed independent authority

(See the attached article)

I look forward to some decisive action to create an equality in water usage across the entire system for all.

Yes there will be winners and losers but that just has to be to allow each state and stakeholder an equitable opportunity.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are these Crops Sustainable?

With the amount of water that is being captured at the head waters of the Murray Darling Basin one has to question the sustainability of these crops for the Australian Environment. Perhaps Rice should be moved to some of the cane growing areas and grown in the traditional methods utilising rainfall rather than relying on irrigation water.Both crops need large quantities of water for survival and seem inappropriate to me.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Green light for Murray-Darling management bill

So now the Bill has passed and according to Penny Wong "We will get on with the work of making sure that authority is up and running, so we can start the important work of preparing the first ever basin-wide plan which will include for the first time a cap based on science."

I guess my concern remains as to the undoing of the illegal levies etc that have been reported on. The over allocation that has gone on under State Government controls. It would seem to me that there is not a lot of time to procrastinate here and would ask the Federal Government moves much faster to ensure an equitable solution for all while the longer term plan is laid out.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Victoria passes Murray-Darling Bill

At last the Victorians have handed over their constitutional rights to control the Murray Darling basin to the Federal Government.They are the last State to do so.

This article goes to some pains to talk about the controversy over the North South Pipeline and I remain unsure as to what I think.

The wasted water as displayed in the pictures in the next blog down tell me that there is a huge opportunity to improve irrigation practices in Victoria and this almost needs to be a priority in that State.

Talk about infrastructure spending to bolster the economy then lets start instantly on converting the hundreds of kilometres of open channels to pipes and insist that irrigators improve practices with low throw sprinklers and drippers.

The River can be saved but prompt action is essential.

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