Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Victoria passes Murray-Darling Bill

At last the Victorians have handed over their constitutional rights to control the Murray Darling basin to the Federal Government.They are the last State to do so.

This article goes to some pains to talk about the controversy over the North South Pipeline and I remain unsure as to what I think.

The wasted water as displayed in the pictures in the next blog down tell me that there is a huge opportunity to improve irrigation practices in Victoria and this almost needs to be a priority in that State.

Talk about infrastructure spending to bolster the economy then lets start instantly on converting the hundreds of kilometres of open channels to pipes and insist that irrigators improve practices with low throw sprinklers and drippers.

The River can be saved but prompt action is essential.

I would still be interested in you view on the North South Pipeline, please Vote in my Poll

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