Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So is the Victorian Government to be held responsible.

Today is a meeting of the State Premiers with the Federal Government.It is apparently still confusing as to the agenda. Will the Governments of Australia actually come to an agreement on doing something about the water crisis in the Murray Darling Basin?

The continued reticence of the Victorian Government to join the scheme is absolutely appalling. In the event that they do move on the $10 billion scheme I for one will be absolutely incensed if any of them comes out with the statement "that see the Labor Government has done something that the Howard Government could not". The Victorian Government and its selfishness in not agreeing to this scheme months ago is disgusting.

I believe the suicide of every farmer along the River Scheme can be laid squarely on the shoulders of the Victorian Government. The loss of business due to the recalcitrant Government is inexcusable.As families face the crisis of no water when one State simply will not play the game is intolerable. To be driven into deepest Depression to the point of suicide when Government inactivity is to blame is incomprehensible.

Even now it is said that even if Victoria signs it is unlikely to return flow to the River of any of the massive savings of water that can be achieved by upgrading out of date management and irrigation practices of this precious resource.

This matter is critical and must be handled now.

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