Friday, May 29, 2009

NSW stalls water buyback scheme

The link to this article is worth a read.

New South Wales, where a study by the University of New South Wales showed that there are over 2,500kms of illegal levees and dams just in NSW. Oh please this complete abuse of Power is absolutely disgusting. Why has a Government ignored this illegal abuse and now condones their actions further by pure "bloody minded" belligerence.

The Federal Government must act now and take control of all Water Allocation of the Nations Major River System.

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Dean Allan said...

I have been following this discussion for some months now with interest and have seen post after post of one "committee" or another having one "meeting" after another to "discuss" this issue.

Can I make a simple statement and ask a simple question please?

The statement is - everyone knows and acknowledges this issue is an environmental disaster.

The question is - is anyone ever going to make a decision to fix it?