Sunday, July 3, 2016

We continue to pay lip service to the health of our Major River System

So the Menindee Lakes scenario remains mostly unresolved. The Capital works to consolidate on the major lake in times of drought seems to have waffled all over the place with no serious resolution.

The NSW Government is now going to build a pipeline from the Murray to the Lakes. Great, and so they must to protect Broken Hill.

But here we are creating a greater burden on the Murray which is clearly detrimental to the health of the River and the whole MDB.

It has been announced that a Concentrated Solar Power plant will be built at Port Augusta. Superheated steam from the Sun and Green Energy generated. Now when steam condenses I reckon I have a byproduct called distilled water, drinkable, usable, fresh water.

Back in 2000, I was privy to a feasibility study for a similar project in Whyalla and one of the potential outcomes was that it could not only provide sufficient fresh water for Whyalla it could possibly turn the Morgan/Whyalla pipeline around and service all of those centres along the way, including the Broughton a River irrigation area. 

Why can't this happen with Port Augusta plant? Why is this not being spoken about or considered? 

My sadness, the apathy in dealing with the issue, regardless of financial cost, merely confirms my fear that disinterest in Australia and its environment is crushed over and over again by greed and the power of the almighty dollar.

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Irene Whennan said...

The current state govt is great with lip-service. This winter we pumped water in from the Murray (bearing in mind Adelaide is NOT ON the river) only to have much of it lost (discharged over the spillway) due to high rainfall.