Thursday, September 11, 2008

Station to send 90bn litres down Murray

This is an amazing step. Congratulations. The only way to allow enough water is to stop this kind of mass storage. If we have to buy the farm, so to speak, then so be it. There are so many properties in these areas that are harvesting water and not allowing the natural flow of the River.

Please read this article and you will agree that this is a strategy that has been absolutely pushed by this blog since I started writing.

Thank you at last a step in the right direction - now lets move on to the next one. The more of this kind of action will see a terrific move to a happy healthy river system, and the surrounding economic communities will benefit.

We still need to consider how to harvest flood waters from the Northern Rivers as well. I stress only flood waters. If this water can be redirected inland rather than allowed to go out to sea then we will be protecting the overall production that has been built around our River Systems.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jimbo,

Unfortunately as we all know, by the time it gets to were it's needed, it'll be a 10th or less :(


Richard Pascoe said...

Sorry Jim I hope it happens , have heard January quoted ( let's not rush things ) , but the town is now going to lose employment , just wait for the special interest groups to get involved etc