Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Take Control of all Water Allocations

Professor Mike Young has today told the Senate Committee that just buying water is not the answer. The allocations down stream will just eat it all up.Rfere to the attached article "No Extra Water In sight"

Until the Federal Government takes control of all Water Allocations under Emergency Powers the folly that the State Governments have so brilliantly overseen cannot be undone.

The massive water storage facilities in the upstream environment have to be let go - and the downstream draw then has to managed very carefully. If each irrigator was allowed an emergency allocation of the flow that could be created the management of environment, Crops, livelihood and the economy I believe could be brought back to sustainable flow for all participants.

Professor Young and his "Wentworth Group" cohorts have been saying this stuff for years now and still nothing.

Please hear what is being said and step in and do the right thing.

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