Friday, October 15, 2010

Get with the Program

Do we honestly think we can sit in a country of approximately the same size as the USA with only 20million people compared to 300million in the USA. Global population will insist that ultimately we are going to have to use our space to accommodate the world.
Science is going to have to work out how we find enough water and resources to deal with what commonsense says is inevitable.

I ask therefore why doe Governments ignore the fact that Water is going to be a basic requirement for this inevitable population requirement.

Why therefore do we insist on ignoring the engineering and scientific advancements that will see the desalination of water and use of our Northern Rivers to water our population and our food resources. Israel, Saudi Arabia have been looking at and developing the kind of technologies we can use for years and yet we sit on our hands until we have to start marching down the street to protect our families and livelihood.

It seems to me as an island with a few Kilometres of Coast line, some wide open spaces and a fair bit of arable land if only we can get water to it that we do not start now. Solar power generation and desalination technologies exist - they are about as green as we can get right now but we turn our back on them

Frankly if we used our brain this country could be drought proof if we used the known technologies right now.

What are we waiting for get the engineers and scientists going and shift water to where we need it for environmental and socio economic purposes. Why have various Murray Darling Authorities religiously ignored the opportunities that have been presented to them - even in the last decade.

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