Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So the Brisbane Dams are full and overflowing

Contemplate this Brisbane dams are full and spewing Gigalitres to the sea.

The water reserve full Dams offers Brisbane is about 11 years supply. It is interesting that they are not getting rid of water restrictions - good plan in my view.

Full Dams in Adelaide represents 9 months supply and we are easing water restrictions - why.

Brisbane is now concerned about floods similar to the 1970's when more rain hits this week.

Now what if that water was being pumped with that of other flooding rivers (e.g. Bellingen)to water storages further south to fill up all Eastern Seaboard Dams. What if the excess was being pumped to the Warrego and its tributaries and therefore ultimately down the Darling.

Why are these things not being considered and please stop talking about cost. Amortised over infinity it looks pretty cheap to me.

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